A Servant of Christ Jesus My Lord and Savior (hope_healing) wrote in shine4god,
A Servant of Christ Jesus My Lord and Savior

As my introduction, I wanted to post a picture collection I put together that speaks for itself - the first two rows to the left are who I was before I submitted my life over to Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life. The last two rows to the right are who I am now after He forgave me and delivered me from the darkness. To put my testimony briefly, I have been in the mental health system for over 12 years for severe mental health issues including depression, PTSD, and eating disorders (there was much more than this). In pictures, I rarely smiled and if I did it was either a half smile or attempting to look erotic (which to me was how one looks pretty). When I finally was able to give myself fully over to the Lord and no longer live for myself, all of that was wiped away in an instant. The last pictures were taken just the other day, a month and a half after He did this miracle healing in my life. As you can see, I am at peace and filled with joy - the smile is not a half smile/fake smile to look good for the camera but the real thing. I can't tell you how many times I have wept for joy, literally started shaking with excitement, and felt a wave of calmness and peace over me. He truly healed me and delivered me and I will not be silent and telling others about Him. From day one He called me into ministry. That day I had gotten an email from someone asking what they had to do to be saved. From there I started an online ministry at livejournal abandoning my old journals, my testimony is being published in a local Christian paper that prints 16,000 copies per month, and now I have a position with the paper to update their website! Being in ministry is such a blessing and I am so glad to be a part of God's family serving Him and carrying forth His mission to tell the lost world about Him. Thank you Jesus for saving a wretch like me. May others find you as I did and take you as their personal Lord and Savior. May others find their personal healing that can only be found in you and boldly tell the world what you have done in their lives. Praise be to God who alone deserves the glory, honor, and praise!

A New Creation: From Darkness to Light

*This pictorial testimony has been crossposted to several Christian based communities for the sole purpose of telling as many as possible about what God can do in the life of a person with the hope that more people can come to a saving knowledge of Him. Please forgive me if you receive multiple copies of this on your friends page - I only want to get the message out so more can know Him as I now do.*

Britany, age 27, servant of Jesus Christ my Lord, single stay-at-home mother, student of two colleges one for web design and the other for ministry and evangelism, and in full time ministry. If you want to know more about me, come check out my online ministry at: hope_healing.
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